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Leading by Design, 2 mb pdf, from Solar Today [2004 November/December]

"Over the years, our sustainable design projects have become known for several hallmarks: integration; miniaturization in design, to increase efficiency; consideration of externalities; and natural conditioning. Nearly 30 years since partnering, our goal remains unchanged: to help architecture become more connected to our organic planetary realities."

Hidden Villa
Hidden Villa
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Hidden Villa's most ambitious project to date is a sustainably designed & built environmental education center. The center showcases sustainable building techniques, materials & systems applicable to Bay Area homes. The 3,300 square foot building is a living teaching tool of sustainability and a focal point for our environmental programs. The Wolken Education Center, designed by Polly Cooper Ken Haggard & Scott Clark of the San Luis Sustainability Group, teaches visitors about sustainable living practices through educational tours, programs, building work-shops, seminars, videos & reference library.

Hidden Villa puts `green' architecture on display, from San Jose Mercury News by S.L. Wykes, Saturday, June 2, 2001

SLSG's Office
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This office/residence has been featured in numerous publications. It is off-grid, powered by photovoltaics and micro-hydro. It has extensive passive solar features. Straw-bale construction is used on east, west and north walls. View here is of the south side of the office/studio. Click on the image to see it full size of screen.

Oceano CoHousing
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Oceano CoHousing Oceano CoHousing
Oceano CoHousing Oceano CoHousing

Lone Pine
eastern elevation southern elevation
These are photes of the Lone Pine strawbale house. eastern elevation detail

Arroyo Grande Residence
southern elevation interior
entry way hallway

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